Centre Policies

Trans Inclusion Policy

TRCC/MWAR operates within an anti-racist, anti-oppression framework and we believe that all people have the right to access service, regardless of their gender identity. The organization strives to remove barriers that keep two-spirit, trans and genderqueer people from actively participating in programs and works to create an inclusive environment. TRCC/MWAR will ensure all two-spirit, trans and genderqueer people’s rights are respected and protected and that they are treated with dignity. This policy is applicable to all staff, volunteers, service users, management and general public.

TRCC/MWAR encourages two-spirit, trans and genderqueer individuals to participate fully and have complete access to its services, employment, governance structures and volunteer opportunities. It will make every effort to see that its structure, policies and systems reflect all aspects of the total community and to promote equal access to all. This policy is intended to act as a positive force for equity and the elimination of transphobic oppression.

Statement of Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples

As settlers TRCC/MWAR express our solidarity with the Idle No More Movement, Indigenous women, 2 Spirit People and the struggles for sovereignty and land rights. We believe that the movement for self-determination of Indigenous peoples is not a new one. As a majority settler organization, we believe that colonization and sexual violence go hand in hand. We know that rape and sexual violence has been used against Indigenous women and communities for hundreds of years and it is a tool of colonization and conquest against Indigenous women’s bodies and the land itself.

It is our goal to work towards decolonizing our practice at the TRCC/MWAR. This can happen by making ourselves more aware of the struggles for sovereignty, treaties and land rights, taking the direction and leadership from Indigenous peoples and their resistance, attending events led by Indigenous people, continuing to learn about the historical struggles of Indigenous peoples and so much more. We are committed to decolonizing our minds, our work and the relationships we have with Indigenous peoples. Through working with Indigenous community-based organizations and community members, we attempt to work in a good way.