Staff & Board

Claude Boulanger (Staff)
Claude Boulanger is a warrior survivor activist feminist, who uses the pronouns ‘she’ or ‘they’ is from the old school to the new school. I have been working at TRCC/MWAR for over 20 years and have been a critical part of the anti- rape movement in Toronto building community and working with systems to create justice for survivors of sexual violence.

I am a black Jamaican butch lesbian and a working class mother. I have been actively involved in queer people of colour community through groups such as Blockrama, the “Get Screened” campaigns (two campaigns for lesbians and Trans people to get paps and breast/colon cancer screenings) and Indigenous community organizing. I also volunteer at Community Hospice & Wellness Programs of the Hub- Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities. I answer to ‘Claude’.

Cynamin Maxwell (Staff)
Cynamin Maxwell who uses the pronoun ‘she’ has worked as a Peer Counsellor and Advocate at the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre / Multicultural Women Against Rape for the past 15 years.

Karlene Moore (Staff)
I use the pronoun ‘she’, I work with survivors and allies at TRCC/MWAR as a Counselor/advocate/activist. I have been working towards liberation and freedom from sexual violence for over 20 years at TRCC/MWAR, bringing my experiences from the abortion rights movement and lgbtqi liberation.

I work collectively using values of respect, accountability, healilng and joy. Using the framework of privilege and oppression, I work in collaboration with other activists/allies to actively engage in deconstructing oppressive structures, beliefs and behaviours. I am honoured to have worked with survivors for many years and to have learned about radical resistance to violence and healing from sexual violence.

Maria Olaya (Staff)
“Maria Clemencia Olaya,who uses the pronoun ‘she’, was born in Colombia, South America. I identified as a Woman of color, Lesbian, Immigrant, Able body, Activist, Women’s advocate and a Journalist. I have being in Canada for the past 12 years; my journey has transformed my views related to women’s issues. I am passion about it and to have the opportunity to work with amazing, resilience, strong and powerful women.

At this present time, I am very honor and excited to work at the TRCC/MWAR (Toronto Rape Crisis Centre/Multicultural Women Against Rape). My work as member of one of the last standing collective in the women’s sector, is very diverse from counseling, groups, fundraising, finances, Latino-American issues, collaboration work with other organizations, accompaniments and many more areas of work.

My strength as a survivor has giving me the opportunity to be there as a support person to provide the means and the avenues for the healing and empowerment process for other survivors.”

Grissel Orellana (Staff)Grissel Orellana
My name is Grissel Orellana who uses the pronoun ‘she’, I work at the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre/Multicultural Women Against Rape as program coordinator for the Latin-American Women’s program as well as other roles such as counsellor, advocate, facilitator, fundraiser, financial operational management, community activist, allied, and survivor of violence.

I have engaged in resisting violence in the last 17 yrs in the anti-rape movement and violence against women sector. Working at TRCC/MWAR has challenge me, society and the view of world to deconstruct colonization, oppression, privilege and violence against women, with every challenge there is transformation and liberation to one’s rights from their places of identity and survivorship.

My commitment to work collectively through empowerment and leadership with diverse communities of women and their families has been a rewarding experienced as I have encountered many paths of life in women’s journey through their healing and liberation of violence.

Women in our communities are motivated and committed to transform power in everyday resistance of violence against us and our families; creates strength and the right to be liberated from any form of violence.

deb singh (Staff)

deb singh is a counselor/activist at the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre/Multicultural Women Against Rape. As a revolutionary who uses the pronoun ‘she’, an Indo-Caribbean, anti-violence activist, deb has been working with survivors of sexual violence for the last 16 years. As a 37 year old, queer, working class new mom, she uses interactive workshop tools, art making and writing to try and get her messages across. She loves learning from others, walks on the beach and being an ally to Black and Indigenous communities. Check out her monthly blog at

Sukie (Board)

I started at the TRCC/MWAR as a placement student in 2015 and have
continued to volunteer since then. I am grateful for the opportunity to
support our counselling services and our East Asian Women and Trans
Caucus as a way to build our communities. 

I’m a queer, Chinese-Vietnamese artist and use the pronouns ‘she’ and
‘they’. Originally from Montreal, I attained my undergraduate degree in
Social Work at Ryerson University and continue to explore, deconstruct
and bridge experiences of violence, care and belongingness through art.
In my spare time, I enjoy drawing comics and reading about the
relationship between food, politics and identities.

Saba Worku

She/herpronoun. Black, disabled, survivor. I was born in Ethiopia, lived in the States and Montreal before calling Toronto my home. I studied life skills coaching at George Brown college as well as Image consulting.  I work with disabled women as peer support. I enjoy giving back to my community in whatever ways I can. I enjoy laughing out loud! I believe in the saying, laughter is the best medicine. I have three nieces, which are the light of my life and make me laugh out loud!  I love Canada and what it has to offer but, I’m just not a fan of winter!! Though, coming from Montreal, I must say, Toronto is a walk in the park when it comes to winter. But I still say, it’s too long and summer is too short! 
I have been part of TRCC take back the night for seven years. This will be my first year of joining the board Collective. I am looking forward to the growth i will gain being part of such an amazing organization and being part of amazing people to work with.

Roslyn Talusan

“Roslyn Talusan (she/they) is a freelance journalist and feminist advocate who writes publicly about her experience as a survivor of sexual violence. She joined the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre/Multicultural Women Against Rape 2 years ago as a Counsellor on the Crisis Line and is now a Member on the Collective Board. Her journey as an activist began as part of her healing process from her trauma, and her passion to affect systemic change stems from experiencing firsthand how deeply our institutions fail survivors. In her spare time, Roslyn practices hot yoga and light magick, spoils her two cats, and loves with her soul. Find her written work here, or on Twitter.”

Faelix Kayn

Pronouns: they/them

Faelix is a fierce, mixed, disabled, neurodivergent, coercively feminized nonbinary/trans advocate, educator, and facilitator. Over the years they have been involved with many different organizations and initiatives like City Hall’s Trans Advisory Committee, Fred Victor, Metrac, SOY HEAT, slutwalk and TRCC; holding the core values of nuance and intersectionality. They are a multiple sexualized assault, abuse, and inter partner violence survivor, and hold a deep passion for diversifying discussions around consent, gender equity, rape culture, reproductive rights, survivorship, and transness. Their mission is to build resources for nonbinary/trans survivors and help move toward a collective healing.