Feedback & Suggestions

The TRCC/MWAR welcomes feedback from our service users and community members. As a survivor led organization we want to hear from you in order to improve our programs and services. You feedback, suggestions, criticisms, praise, and appreciations will enable us to better meet your needs.

You can send an email message to , or visit our Contact Us page for more detailed contact information.

Complaint Procedures

If you have used our services and have complaints about a counsellor, volunteer / staff, or the answering service, you may register this feedback in the following ways:

  1. Leave a message or call the office 416-597-1171. Provide us with as much information as you are comfortable with, and let us know whether you would like us to call back with acknowledgement and/or a result.
  2. Write your complaint as a formal letter. You can send the letter via email at , fax at 416 597 9648, or send us mail via post. You can choose to leave no personal information. We will take in the information and follow up. Please let us know whether to call back with acknowledgement and/or a written response to your complaint.
  3. Call the office and request a face-to-face meeting with a member of staff team to discuss the complaint.  At this meeting, You can decide if you would like feedback after our internal follow up.
  4. Call the office and request a meeting with the counsellor with whom you have a complaint.  A member of the staff team will discuss this option with you and forward your request to the counsellor.  If the counsellor agrees then a meeting will be set with you, the counsellor, and another member of the staff team.

Follow-up procedures may vary depending on your requests as the service user and how you would like to see your complaint remedied. Service users may request different remedies to the complaint, organization, staff, or volunteers. All requests have the right to be negotiated with the complainant and the person/organization they are directed to.