Student Placements

The TRCC/MWAR accepts student placements. Student placements also described as field practicums, take place in a relationship between a school (high school, college or university) and the TRCC/MWAR organization.

A student placement usually includes ‘requirements’ from the academic institution (to be fulfilled by the student at the placement), a mid term and final evaluation. It may also include a visit from a supervisor from your school to the TRCC/MWAR during the placement, including a set number of hours to be completed at the placement organization. Student placements earn a college credit or coop credit upon successful completion of the placement.

Student placements do not do interviews at the TRCC/MWAR. Instead we invite interested students to come to one of our Orientation Sessions during the year.

Info on current placement opportunities: 

  • We are NO LONGER ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS for Spring 2020 placements.

  • COMPLETE the Student-Placement-Application-Form-Fillable TO RSVP for the next Orientation)
  • Please see below for our Student Placement Job Description
  • PLEASE NOTE there are currently no opportunities for student placements to provide Face to Face Counselling.

If you are interested in completing your field placement with us, download, fill out and submit the Student Placement Application Form below and email to  to let her know of your interest.

download Download the Student Placement Application Form.

Student Placement Job Description