We believe in standing by our service users, particularly those who are disadvantaged, and speaking out on their behalf (when requested) in ways that represents their best interests.  While we do not provide any legal advice, we can provide information that will help a person to make informed decisions. Our staff and volunteers are available to support community members who are having a difficult time navigating the many complicated systems that exists. Contact us at 416-597-1171 to see how we can assist you with practical things such as:

  • Filling out forms
  • Writing letters
  • Making phone calls
  • Attending appointments

 We are able to support you in advocating around:

  • Poverty issues
  • Discrimination
  • Housing issues
  • Immigration issues
  • Educational access
  • Relationship violence
  • Sexual assault
  • Women’s safety
  • Social assistance
  • Health issues

 The above are done as a means to help service users to:

  • Access services
  • Change services
  • Communicate with service providers
  • Ensure that appropriate service is chosen
  • Negotiate resolutions that are suitable for the survivor